KSS Keyword Suggestion Scraper v3.1

In 7 seconds KSS gives you more than 1000 related keywords for "dating" and in less than 2 minutes it ends up with unbelievable 5526 ideas!

The Google AdWords Keyword-Tool gives you ludicrous 100 (1.81%) keywords.

See KSS in action:


  • get 1000s of related keywords within seconds (7293 kws in 79 seconds using the kw 'marketing')

  • supports every language that Google supports

  • supports almost all kinds of letter types (the Cyrillic alphabet, Chinese characters, Latin letters,...)

  • get keyword ideas for multiply strings (input box accepts comma separated values)

  • Selectable sources:

    • Google Wonderwheel to find similar and related keywords
    • Google Web & Yahoo Suggest to get every keyword that is related

    • Google Shopping to get related products/product names 

    • YouTube/G. Video for movie clip names

    • also available:
      • G. News
      • G. Images
      • G. Blogs

  •  easy keyword organisation due to the great Resulttreeview

  • Filters

    • include or exclude specific words (these fields accept comma separated values)
    • set a minimum/maximum number of words, letters or keyword-relation-depth
    • for advanced users: regular expressions

  • Export/Import

    • mass edit keywords (replace words in the keyword) 
      • change the case of keywords to ABC, abc or Abc
      • Import features:
        • import keywords from:
          • a file or 
          • the clipboard 
        •  allows:
          • filtering (include/exclude words, minimum word/letter count)
          • removing duplicates
          • sorting A-Z

      • export formats:
        • in the {great|useful} spinnable spintax format
        • as newline- or by a custom string/character- separated lists
      • save methods:
        • just save the last results to a file
        • save the selected/filtered result
          • to a file
          • in the clipboard

      • Build-in browser
        • search quick and easy for keywords at Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon
        • lookup keyword popularity at Google Insight
        •  extract keywords from Google's AdWords Tool with one click

      •  QuickKeywordScraper
        • allows fast scraping of  the first few keywords KSS would scrape

      • misc.
        • Proxy support
        • down-/upload monitor
        • multithreading

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